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Adoption Baby Shower Invitation

adoption baby shower invitation

    baby shower
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  • In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term "shower" is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts.

  • "The Baby Shower" is the tenth episode of the second season of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld, and the show's fifteenth episode overall.

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adoption baby shower invitation - Pierre Belvedere

Pierre Belvedere Teddy Bear Guest Book, Padded Cover, Ice Green (978890)

Pierre Belvedere Teddy Bear Guest Book, Padded Cover, Ice Green (978890)

The Teddy Bear Guest Book, with its classic image of an old-fashioned jointed mohair bear, is ideal for a baby shower, christening, adoption celebration or a child's first birthday. This little beribboned bear, with his bright eyes and shy smile, is all dressed up and ready for a special occasion. The guest book's lightly padded covers are carefully embossed both front and back creating a pleasing tone-on-tone effect and subtle texture. The front cover features a classic teddy bear; the back cover is embossed with charming ABC building blocks. Inside the 9-1/2 x 7-1/2 x 1 inch guest book are 280 lined cream pages – each page has 14 signature lines. A classic stitched spine and satin ribbon bookmark add the finishing touches. The Teddy Bear Guest Book has been designed in Pierre Belvedere's international studios and finely crafted in Italy using paper sourced from sustainable forests and paper mills that promote the use of clean energy. From traditional to cutting-edge, Pierre Belvedere's Made in Italy Collection of fine home and office accessories will add just the right stylish accent to your life. Combine the Teddy Bear Guest Book with a Pierre Belvedere pen, also available on Amazon, for a lovely accent to your special occasion.

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Adoption Shower

Adoption Shower

A good friend of mine started the adoption process for her little girl from China almost 4 years ago (next month). Long story short, they were FINALLY able to go to China and bring her home last month!!! =) YAY!!! Some friends and I had a shower for her and these are some pics from the event. I am SOOO excited that they finally have their little girl! It has been a long road but the wait was SO worth it! =)

Anyway, we wanted it to be a baby shower but also incorporate some "Chinese Flair" as well. Ladybugs are supposedly special in China so we went with that theme and were able to find some plates with pink in them! So we were able to use the colors red, black and pink! =) There are more pics from the day in the comments. =)

Adoption embroidery

Adoption embroidery

One of my Swap-bot partners is an adoption worker. So this is an extra piece I did with that in mind. You might have to be a math nerd like me to get the reference, but the > symbol is "greater than". So this is meant to be interpreted as "Adoption: Family is more than genetics". The line of french knots serves two purposes. First, a solid line could have been confusing since I was using a math reference elsewhere in the piece. But the main reason was because I had just had a horrible experience trying to do some french knots on a different piece, and this was my way of working out that frustration.

adoption baby shower invitation

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adoption baby shower invitation

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